About our product
I have chosen quality supplies to make a product that will last.  Beginning with Cabinet Grade birch plywood for its smooth surface to enhance the hand painted details. I chose 1/2 inch wood to keep warping to a minimum. There will be very little (inconspicuous) warping, and in most cases none at all.
The vivid colors are accomplished with quality acrylic paints, and a very dependable clear Polyurethane  sealer that is compatible with the paints 
I use.
With proper care and a minimum of maintenance , your yard art selections can be enjoyed for many years. The original coat of sealant will protect the piece from the weather and sun fading. However, over time, the outdoor elements will erode this initial sealant, and it will require resealing. This can be done with an inexpensive spray can of non-yellowing polyurethane.
When your order arrives, it will include a maintenance sheet to explain the proper care.
I have a unique mounting procedure that uses a steel rod and a mounting bracket. Due to the weight of the steel rod, and the possibility of damage to the item during shipping, I do not furnish the rod.  However, it is readily available at Farm Supply Stores or Building Supply stores such as Lowe's or Home Depot. Just ask for 3/8 inch concrete re-bar. You will need
 about a 2 foot stake for most items, but the taller pieces will take  about 2  1/2  feet.
The mounting bracket will be included. 

                                                    Shipping Information

I will be using two primary modes of shipping....Post Office Priority 2 day Express, Post Office Standard Parcel Post, or United Parcel Service ground. My shopping cart is set up so that you may choose, if you have a preference. Otherwise, the least expensive, or the best choice for your order will be used. UPS will only ship to a physical address, no P.O. box addresses.
  Since both have rules about "Density Weight" or Billable Weight", in a few cases there may be a surcharge involved. 
If you want to see the estimated shipping cost, just add the item to  the cart, and  type in your Zip Code. The shopping cart will give you the shipping cost.  This may vary slightly since I can't be sure of the exact weight of the packaging until the package is ready for shipping.  However, 
I will attempt to be as accurate as possible.,  as my  intent is not to make a profit on the shipping. The cost of any insurance needed will also be part of your cost. Unfortunately,  shippers continue to add more restrictions, UPS has also come up with "Billable Weight" . This means that if the 
weight of the package is not as heavy as the average package of the dimensions, they will use
Billable Weight instead of actual weight. This is automatically figured into the shipping charge.
I do not like it, but have no control over the charge. An example of Billable weight is the Charlie Brown Christmas set. Actual shipping weight is 25 pounds, but using the measurements of the package, the "billable weight" is 45 pounds, so that is what they charge for. They also add surcharges at the time of shipment that are not shown in your price, such as gas surcharge and another charge if you are in a rural area. I have tried to conduct my business without adding a handling charge, but I have had to make a change (effective April8, 2015) to cover these unexpected surcharges, as well as the rise in price for packing materials such as packing peanuts, tape, etc. 
If you are within driving distance of Hot Springs, Arkansas and would like to save the shipping cost, you can email me with that request, and then pick it up when it is ready. If you choose this option, please do not use the shopping cart because it will automatically add shipping, thus generating another fee for me.
I will give you an estimated shipping date at the time you order. We sometimes have a few things in stock, and, if that is the case, the order will be shipped within 5 days, but on other items, it will
vary, and could be 4-6 weeks. But if time is important,you can email me before you order,  and we can let you know if we have what you want in stock.

   If you have any questions concerning any of this information, please email me at harlean@gmail.com
  using Yard Art as the subject.


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