Sometimes it is hard to find your way around a new site. So I thought I   would give you a few  sidewalk markers to make your leisurely stroll a little more pleasant. I have tried to put things into categories.
         Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are easy, but some things just don't have a category.
 The main tip I want to give you is that when you go to a category on the menu, you will see small  thumbnail pictures.  If you click on a thumbnail, you will see a larger version of the same picture, with a little information such as size and price.  After each one that you choose to take a closer  look, just right click and choose "Back". It will return to the page, and you can look at another. 
       To order Single pieces the cart button will be on the information page, but on the sets, such as the Charlie Brown Christmas set, click on the Group  Picture at the top of the page for cart buttons and price information.    
    I   am currently working on adding more categories, and also some new selections. And I will continue to do so as time allows.
   Along with the Yard Art, we also make wall hangings for Kiddies' rooms and nurseries.  
      We can do custom work, so if there is something that you would like and don't see,  just email me and ask. It takes time to develop ideas and produce the patterns, etc. for custom work, so please contact me in my "slow time" period..between January and June, with your ideas. 
       In the meantime, be sure to bookmark this site so you can find your way back for another visit.
        Thanks for your interest and your time.


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