Spring is just around the corner!

 The flowers and trees are waking up, and I am  into my work building an inventory for the coming holidays. After all there are just 306 shopping days left until Christmas. If you have any special requests for something that you don't find on this site, now is the time to contact me with your ideas for Custom designs. I hope to add a couple new items for the coming holiday season.

My priority at this time is to have free time to take care of the details for the upcoming season, as well as finishing up a few extra sets of my most popular items. I already have The Grinch and Charlie Brown Christmas sets in stock in case you want to order early and be assured of delivery for the coming year as often I run out of time to finish them at the last minute. 


In the past I have had most items in stock, but outside of my most sought after pieces, such as Charlie Brown Christmas and The Grinch---my Number One and Number Two Sellers---I make to order, once I receive your order. If you like, you can always email me prior to ordering and I can give you a "ship by" date. 

*************************************************************************************************************************************Also if given enough time for research and development, we can do Custom work. If you would like something that you don't see, I can work on your subject or your idea and, if I am able to find a graphic of what you are desiring, we will work together on making your wish a reality.  For instance, I had a customer this year who wanted a set with a  circus theme.  So I worked with him to make it happen. I will try my best to do the same for you, if you want something special. 

                     Welcome to all the new visitors to my site                                                            I hope you find something here that you like.

        All the pictures you see on this site are actual pictures of my work.


I have added this to  my page to honor the memory of my husband.


 Paul and Harlean

Partners of 

Yard Art by Harlean from Arkansas

for 8 years


Partners in Life for 54 Years

I lost my best friend and soul mate on June 8, 2014  when his pain and suffering ended as he was  delivered into the arms of the Lord.

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