Summer is almost over and it is time to think

 about Christmas. I have been working on my 

inventory, and have several items in stock, but, 

sadly, due to my health and my age, this will be 

my last season to provide my yard art for your 


I will be closing down my website in January 2018.

It doesn’t seem possible, but I have been here for

 16 years. I lost my partner in June of 2013, and 

have been working alone since then. I want to 

sincerely thank all those who have kept me busy 

for so long.

I would advise you to get your orders in early.

 If my stock is depleted, I may not be able to fill

 your request. You may want to email me before 

you add anything to the shopping cart, so that I

 can let you know if it is in stock, or if I am able 

to make what you need.

It has been a joy to share the love for my work

 for so many years, but it is now time for me to 

step down.

I have added this to  my page to honor the memory of my husband.


 Paul and Harlean

Partners of 

Yard Art by Harlean from Arkansas

for  16 years


Partners in Life for 54 Years

I lost my best friend and soul mate on June 8, 2014  when his pain and suffering ended as he was  delivered into the arms of the Lord.

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